Judice falls in love “with my by myself”

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Finger Lakes sisters chorus: Sisters always stick together, even when they fall in love.
Janice: Like with my boyfriend.
Holly: With my husband.
Nora: With my fiancé.
Judice: With my by myself.


My latest obsession is Judice, the large-foreheaded sister from the Finger Lakes featured in “The Lawrence Welk Show” on Saturday Night Live. The full episode from which I grabbed this quote is on Hulu.


Mobile Technology and Creativity

•November 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

My first smartphone was a BlackBerry Curve 8330. It changed my life dramatically. Suddenly I could take photos whenever I wished—and that was pretty much all the time, to the annoyance of my friends—and I could look up anything, anytime.

Once I attended a lecture at a comics convention in Olympia, WA, and I felt kinda bored—so I busted out my phone and read part of an e-book (which I never finished and probably never will).

My next phone was an HTC Droid Eris, running Android OS 1.5. Switching to a touch-screen interface proved challenging and rewarding, and it occupied a lot of my attention.

After that was a Motorola Droid X.

I haven’t produced much, like, art stuff since I’ve been using smartphones. All the time on buses, trains, and planes that I used to spend writing and drawing, I now spend messing around on my phone. And yeah, I write and take photos and make drawings with my phone, but most of my time goes to playing with different apps and figuring out which ones are best for certain situations.

Ultimately, I don’t make choices anymore; I just play with them.

On being 26 now and having once been a perverted child.

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Anyone who reads this will surely notice the lack of posts this year.

Well, okay—I noticed.


I kinda have a real job now, in that I have to fill out tax-related stuff. It’s a pretty nice position, and it’s Web-related. So that’s great, but my motivation for other pursuits has been ebbing more than flowing.

In my parents’ garage, I recently recovered some of my childhood writings. They might contain my lost creativity… so I should probably eat them, right?

Nüns is dead.

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Nüns is dead.

RoadMart Infomercial

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=4553592&dest=69094]

RoadMart: snazzy products for Greyhound bus travelers.

Produced in collaboration with my friend Beth.

Beavis and Daria’s Secret Love Affair

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Beavis and Daria's Secret Affair

Daria chases some tongue.

More cacophonic ringtones

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I made these phone-themed sound sample thingamajigs shortly after I made the ones in the previous post, which was back in July. This set is more nuanced (if you can call it that) than the last one, as I targeted each track to a specific phone call situation. The tracks in my previous post were just song clips. I hope people who find this page will actually use these as custom ringtones for calls from their boss, ex, parents, etc. That would be funny, I think.
Ringtones, Set #2 by _______asidewalk